Health and Safety at Potter Violins

Update (3/23/2020):

For the protection of our clients and staff, we have closed our doors until further notice effective March 21, 2020. The closure is due to coronavirus mandates and communications by Maryland Governor Hogan. We will evaluate our situation and reopen at a later date once we have permission from the state to do so. Thank you for your patience during this difficult time.

Dear Potter Violins family and friends,

Here at Potter Violins, we are determined to be a safe place of refuge and creativity, and we are taking all reasonable precautions while working with clients and handling instruments and bows during the COVID-19 outbreak. Therefore, we are taking the following steps:

  • All clients evaluating instruments will be asked to thoroughly wash their hands before and after handling instruments and bows, including our own staff.
  • Instruments returned on trial will undergo cleaning measures.
  • You may see our staff and technicians using gloves or washing their hands frequently. Please do not take offense, it is for your protection as well as ours.
  • All events in the John Kendall Recital Hall have been suspended through the end of April.


  • All returned rentals will be thoroughly cleaned and set aside for at least one week before being re-rented.
  • Our instrument technicians will be following safety standards to ensure all outbound rentals are cleaned.
  • We recommend calling in advance for your rental exchanges if you live nearby. This will allow a quick in-person exchange.

Recommendations on cleaning your instrument:

While we advise not sharing your instrument with anyone during this time or using another person’s instrument, there is a way you can safely clean your instrument without damaging the varnish.

  1. Clean yourself first. It goes without saying that before touching your or anyone else’s instrument or bow, you should wash your hands. This will go a long way toward not spreading any germs to anyone playing or handling instruments.
  2. Clean areas of personal contact. Those necessary surfaces that are touched by your skin, including the neck and fingerboard, the tailpiece and chinrest, strings, and the lower end of the bow, can be wiped down with eyeglass alcohol wipes.* These are mild enough to pick up germs and finger oils without much chance of hurting the surfaces. It is unlikely that the alcohol content is high enough to kill contagions, but this may help in keeping your instrument clean without damaging the varnish.
  3. Do NOT use hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol on your instrument. This can damage the varnish.

*While we have tested this method with no harm to our instruments, each instrument is different, so use at your own risk.

We appreciate your understanding and wish you all good health.


L. Dalton Potter

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