Little Things for Little Strings (Belvelin)



Little Things for Little Strings is a collection of printed and recorded pieces composed for beginning violinists. Right from the start, Eva Belvelin’s music introduces the more advanced techniques of string playing in a simple and playful way. The captivating tunes help students develop an ergonomic posture, and the wide variety of musical styles makes practicing fun for all, making for quick progress that will add to the joy. Play the music in lessons and concerts, individually and in groups!

Eva Belvelin, violinist, teacher, composer, and CEO of Fiolosofen, studied with Lisbeth Vecchi in Sweden, with Prof. John Kendall in the United States, and with Dr. Shinichi Suzuki in Japan. She is a Fulbright Alumna with MFA degrees from Sweden and the USA. Eva has been President of the Swedish String Teachers Association and Vice President of the European String Teachers Association. She is also a popular teacher at universities, conferences, and workshops in numerous countries worldwide.


Eva Belvelin