Rental FAQs

How is the rental credit added up?
What does the Protection Plan cover? Do most people get it?
Will I keep all the rental credit if I change rental sizes?
Can I buy an instrument that costs exactly the amount of rental credit?
How long is the contract?
Can I change grades and/or sizes with the rental?
Is there a fee change sizes?
What do I do if I need to change my credit card for the rental?
Is this a rent to own plan?
Am I liable for every little mark on the instrument?
What do I get with the instrument?
What if the instrument is damaged in shipment?
Do I have to buy replacement strings or get the bow re-haired?
Is the contract automatically charged to my credit card?
When will I be automatically billed each month?
Can I use some of my rental credit towards any Suzuki or ASTA event?
Is closing my rental at the end of the school year the best plan if I think my player will play again next year?
How do I know what size my player is? How do I know when he/she needs the next size?
When is the best time to purchase?
What are the differences between the three categories of rental?