Fine Bows

The list below contains a selection of our fine bow inventory. Our inventory is constantly changing, so we cannot guarantee the availability of any specific bow. Please call the store and speak to one of our fine instrument specialists if you wish to examine a bow in this price range. We would love to schedule an appointment for you to examine a bow or we can arrange to have bows shipped to you. If you are looking for something unique and special to take your musicianship to the next level, read about our concierge service.

Violin Bows

Charles-Nicholas Bazin w/ Suard cert.
Victor Fetique
W.E. Hill & Sons (Johnston) c.1910 w/ Salchow cert.
W.E. Hill & Sons (Watson) w/ Salchow cert.
Marc Laberte
H.C. Lamy w/ Salchow cert.
François Lotte
Louis Morizot
Louis Morizot frères w/ Raffin cert.
Louis Morizot frères w/ Millant cert.
Louis Morizot père w/ Raffin cert.
Bernard Ouchard, stamped Vidoudez, w/ Salchow cert.
François Peccatte w/ Salchow cert.
André Richaume
Claude Thomassin w/ Salchow cert.
James Tubbs w/ Salchow cert.
Andre Vigneron w/ Salchow cert.
Joseph Voirin w/ Salchow cert.

Viola Bows

C.N. Bazin, c.1900 w/ Depierre cert.
Louis Bazin w/ Raffin cert.
John Greenwood
W.E. Hill & Sons by Malcolm Taylor
François Lotte
Roger Lotte
Louis Morizot w/ Raffin cert.
Louis Morizot frères
Marcel Fetique w/ Raffin cert.
H.R. Pfretzschner, stamped Sartory, w/ Salchow cert.
Stephane Thomachot, stamped Moller & Sons, w/ Salchow cert.

Cello Bows

Christian Barthe
Charles Louis Bazin, c.1925 w/ Rolland cert.
Marcel Lapierre w/ Millant cert.
Louis Morizot père w/ Raffin cert.
Jean-Joseph Martin, c.1890 w/ Salchow cert.
Eugène Nicolas Sartory