Baptiste Juguera, Montpellier 2019, 16 3/8″

This viola is labeled Baptiste Juguera, Montpellier 2019 and its body length measures  16 ⅜”. 

Baptiste Juguera was born in Toulouse, France. His interest in violin making began at the early age of six. Juguera studied violin making at the French National Violin Making School in Mirecourt. Upon graduating in 2011, he began formally assisting Frederic Chaudiere. Juguera opened his own workshop in 2012 continuing to work with Chaudiere. This viola is available for trial via shipment or viewing in our showroom.

Additional Specifications

Availability Available
Maker Baptiste Juguera
Country France
City Montpellier
Year 2019
Body Length 415mm
Upper Bout 198mm
Middle Bout 141mm
Lower Bout 247mm