Helmuth A. Keller, Philadelphia c.1985, 16 1/2″

This viola is labeled Helmuth A. Keller, Philadelphia c.1985. Helmuth Keller is from one of the famed Philadelphia families of violin makers. Son-in-law of Martin Nebel – who worked for Wurlitzer in New York and then opened his own shop in Philadelphia – Keller came to Philadelphia from Germany after the Second World War to work for William Moennig & Son. In the early 1960s, he opened his own business which continues under his son, Stephen Keller.

This Da Salo copy viola is available for trial via shipping or in our showroom.

Additional Specifications

Availability Available
Maker Helmuth A. Keller
Country United States
City Philadelphia
Year 1985
Body Length 421mm
Upper Bout 208mm
Middle Bout 146mm
Lower Bout 248mm