Léon Mougenot-Gauche, Paris 1927

This violin labeled & by Léon Mougenot Gauché, Mirecourt 1927.

Leon Mougenot was born in 1874 and established himself in Mirecourt after working for Blanchard, Jombar, and Hill and Sons, among many other prominent makers. He frequently collaborated with other prominent luthiers of his time. His instruments are known for their superior workmanship and varnish. This violin shows off the classic Mougenot varnish, and is offered with a certificate from Dalton Potter. Available for trial via shipping or in our showroom.

Additional Specifications

Availability Sold
Maker Léon Mougenot-Gauche
Certificate of Authenticity Potter
Country France
City Paris
Year 1927
Body Length 358mm
Upper Bout 168mm
Middle Bout 115mm
Lower Bout 207mm