Pierre Gaggini, Nice 1972, 16 1/8″

This viola is labeled Pierre Gaggini, Nice 1972. Its body length measures 16 1/8″.

This viola is labeled Petrus Gaggini, Nicaea Civitas 1972 and its body length measures 16 ⅛”.
Pierre Gaggini was a violin maker and was the nephew of luthier Albert Louis Blanchi, with whom he apprenticed. Until 1927, he worked in Paris with Louis Billotet, then returned to Nice, France, and resumed working with his uncle Albert Blanchi. He set up his own workshop in Nice in 1934. Gaggnini was awarded numerous medals and diplomas for his craftsmanship. This viola is available for trial via shipment or viewing in our showroom.

Additional Specifications

Maker Pierre Gaggini
Body Length411mm
Upper Bout192mm
Middle Bout133mm
Lower Bout244mm