William E. Slaby, Royal Oak 1962, 16 3/8″

This viola is labeled William E. Slaby, Royal Oak 1962 and its body length measures 16 ⅜”. 

William Slaby was born in 1916 in Traverse City, Michigan, and made his first violin at the age of 8. It wasn’t until after receiving a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Industrial Education and a period in the armed forces that he started crafting violins again. Even though violin making was not his primary source of income, his work was recognized as being experimental, yet precise. William attributed his making-success to his mentors, including Josef Deulin, Carmen White, E.H. Sangster, and Joseph Michelman. This viola is available for trial via shipment or viewing in our showroom.

Additional Specifications

Availability Available
Maker William E. Slaby
Country United States
City Royal Oak
Year 1962
Body Length 416mm
Upper Bout 203mm
Middle Bout 157mm
Lower Bout 264mm