Summer Music Camps

summer music campsWhy are summer music camps important?

Parents often ask, “What can I do to get my kid to the next level?” One answer is sending them to one of the many week-long summer music camps. First of all, it is crucial to identify if the parents are actively participating in their children’s music education and supporting it in meaningful ways. It takes more than just lessons and paying for quality instruments, but also personal interaction. You don’t need to be a musician yourself to follow what the teacher is covering during the lesson.

Additionally, using quality instruments and maintaining them is another overlooked area that can disrupt progress. Ask the teacher to check the student’s instrument before each lesson. The investment of two or three minutes of lesson time can help you detect small issues before they become big problems. You may also refer to our instrument care guide. If you are a rental client with us, you may bring in your instrument any time for evaluation and free tonal adjustments. If you don’t rent with us, feel free to check out our rental plans.

What next?

Assuming the above are checked off, the answer also revolves around another question. “What kind of experience is your child having as they pursue this path?” If they only see their teacher, practice at home, then see their teacher again, it’s very likely they will become bored. Bored students don’t learn and quickly lose enthusiasm. One solution is to give them a break from their routine and send them to one of the many week-long summer music camps.

As a business, we view ourselves as an educational institution with a retail component. As a result, we are constantly doing community outreach and providing services to summer music camps and institutes around the country.

What are my options?

Here is a list of some summer music camps we travel to and provide services, and are fantastic opportunities to learn, grow, and renew enthusiasm for practicing.


Metro Washington, D.C.

Greater Washington Suzuki Institute

National Philharmonic Summer String Institutes

American Youth Philharmonic Orchestras Summer String Academy

Maryland Classic Youth Orchestra’s Strathmore Summer Strings



Others around the country

Pennsylvania Suzuki Institute (Camp Hill, PA)

American Suzuki Institute (Stevens Point, WI)

North Carolina Suzuki Institute (Greenville, NC)

Hartt Suzuki Institute (Hartford, CT)


Maryland Classic Youth Orchestras has provided a useful music summer camp resource for their students.

L. Dalton Potter