Patrick Joseph Barden, Armagh 2019

This violin is labeled Patrick Joseph Barden, Armagh 2019.

Patrick Barden first trained and worked as a horticulturist in his family nursery and garden center in Northern Ireland. Eventually, his love of building acoustic instruments brought him to Newark School of Violin Making in England, and later took him across the ocean to study bow making in Salt Lake City. In 2007, he moved back to Ireland and established Patrick Joseph Barden Violins. His style is decidedly Cremonese and he continues to research and experiment with each new instrument. This violin is available for trial via shipping and in our showroom.

Additional Specifications

Availability Available
Maker Patrick Joseph Barden
Country Northern Ireland
City Armagh
Year 2019
Body Length 352mm
Upper Bout 166mm
Middle Bout 113mm
Lower Bout 206mm